Wedding Etiquette You May Not Know

There’s a lot that goes into a wedding.  (Understatement of the century, we know.)  With that said, there are a few things that may not have crossed your mind when planning your big day.

Determining Your Stylist’s Selection

When it comes to getting your hair and makeup done, make sure you confirm your stylist’s selection at your hair and makeup trials, or at least before your wedding day.  Make sure your chosen stylist or salon is fully equipped with what they need to bring your vision to life.  If you’re looking to add in some extensions to your hair to pull off some effortless, beachy curls, make sure your stylist knows how to work with those.  If you’re hoping to pull off a natural, no-makeup-makeup look, make sure you communicate that to them.  On the other hand, if you’re wanting full coverage, big lashes, and a statement lip, make sure your stylist is prepared.  Some brides are very particular about how they want to look on their wedding day, as they should be.  It’s their day!

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Having a Vendor Table

Something we’ve repeatedly seen over the years is when couples forget to account for seating for their vendors.  You may have covered their dinner, but where will they eat it?  Be sure to check contracts with vendors like your photographer, DJ, or band.  They may require a meal, and sometimes even a table.  Along with that, they may be bringing an assistant and require two meals.  Maybe they have dietary restrictions.  All of that should be determined when booking and signing a contract.  Our Venue Coordinators are pros when it comes to creating your sketch for your reception space, and they have no problem throwing in a vendor table for those who may need a spot to eat.

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Updating Vendors on Timeline Changes

It’s always best to keep all your vendors in the loop as plans come together or change.  Adding an extra hour to your reception?  Providing a midnight snack?  Cutting your cake right when you enter your reception?  Tell your vendors.  Your DJ/band, bartenders, caterers, and potentially, your décor companies, all need to know what is happening when so that they can plan accordingly.  One of the easiest ways to do this is to provide each vendor with a detailed timeline for your event prior to the day of.  This allows for vendors, including your Venue Coordinator, to catch any issues that may arise prior to your wedding day.  Us event professionals are taught to expect the unexpected but throwing a wrench in the plan is never a good idea.

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Being Transparent with Your Guests

Guests come to weddings expecting the works: ceremony, cocktail hour, dinner, and dancing.  That part is simple.  However, if you’re cocktail hour doesn’t include light appetizers, maybe include that somewhere with your invitation.  Hungry guests=angry guests.  Some guests may not expect an outdoor ceremony and cocktail hour and might want to apply a little SPF beforehand.  After all, they are coming to celebrate you!  Treat them well and make sure they’re content on your big day.

Your wedding is about the two of you have the best day of your lives.  You’ve worked hard as a couple to get to that point.  Ultimately, keep in mind that your vendors are working as a team to make sure you two have the wedding day of your dreams.  Your guests love you and want to see you as happy as can be.  If you follow this wedding etiquette, everyone and everything will run smoothly the day of your wedding!

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