2022 Wedding Trends

Wedding Trend Alert: What’s New for 2022

The last few years have been interesting, to say the least. In 2020, the pandemic put a hard stop on life as we know it. In 2021, we expected a return to “normalcy”, however, there was still chaos and confusion in the air – all of which makes wedding planning extremely difficult! As we approach a new year and a new wedding season (with optimism!), weddings have the potential to be more special than ever and the new trends are reflecting it.

“Couples are diving deep into crafting their celebrations to look like them, feel like them, smell like them, and be full of their favorite things and people. Life is not guaranteed, and we are all craving human connection, now more than ever.” – Jove Meyer, Jove Meyer Events

The Informal Formal

In 2022, formal weddings will still be lavish, but more relaxed with a big emphasis on the outdoors. We like to call it “relaxed luxury” with less fuss and more fun! Instead of black-tie affairs, expect to see cocktail-style parties, food trucks, and epic dance parties – all of which will be full of personal touches.

Domestic Destinations

Why have a wedding abroad when there are breathtaking destinations within our borders?! This is exactly why one of the hot wedding trends for 2022 is the domestic destination. Whether the wedding backdrop is a gorgeous historical estate (like Castle Farms!), a breathtaking view of the mountains, or an island-inspired sunset, there are plenty of options for keeping the big event on American soil.

Cozy Gardens

If you’re one of the millions of viewers who watched Bridgerton on Netflix, you will understand the hot new trend called “cottagecore” – an aesthetic that centers around cozy gardens, beautiful floral decorations, tufted velvet, gold embellishments, and tailored attire. So, if you love all things British Regency, this is the trend for you and a Castle Farms garden room is the perfect venue!

Weekday Weddings

Considering the inconsistency of the last two years, a wedding surge in 2022 is expected. For this reason, weekday weddings are going to be huge! And why not? Couples can have a wedding on Thursday, save a bundle, and can extend the wedding experience for their guests into the weekend.

Specialized Individual Foods

For obvious reasons, one of the biggest wedding trends in 2021 was individual servings, i.e., miniature charcuteries, personal wedding cakes, and canned cocktails. In 2022, expect this trend to take it up a notch with “leveled up” individualized foods like caviar tastings, sushi flights, or menus with specialized bites that celebrate a couple’s favorite foods.

Are you getting married in 2022? We hope these wedding trends have provided some inspiration for your event!


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