Why Every Couple Should Consider Insuring Their Wedding

There are dozens of steps when it comes to planning your wedding.  Which flowers are in season?  What is your color palette?  Should you invite kids?  What kind of attire are you thinking?  Buffet?  Plated?  One major step when it comes to wedding planning, that almost never crosses a couple’s mind: should you insure your wedding?

You may be thinking, “Event insurance? How does that work?”  At Castle Farms, event insurance isn’t something that we require, but you may still want to look into its benefits for your event.  We do require caterers and bartenders be insured, but they typically are the ones to handle this.  Broader event insurance is something that could cover the bigger stuff, like a slip and fall or a lightening strike causing a power outage.

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We know now, more than ever, that making sure your wedding is protected should be a top priority.  Big or small, event insurance can offer select coverage on a variety of aspects of your wedding.  Event insurance can cover property damage, accidental injuries, or even unexpected cancellations.  There is a possibility that during your wedding, their may be damage done to the property by guests, which would then be your responsibility to rectify.  Some event insurance options may help you cover the damage costs.  You can find coverage options for just about anything, even something as little as a dress malfunction.

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Ask an insurance agent if their company can cover your wedding.  Often times, they can.  If not, there are companies out there that specialize in event coverage.  A couple of websites (though we cannot vouch for their services) that have higher ratings include: Protect My Wedding and Eventsured.  If you do look into these, make sure that you read through the details to make sure you’re aware of what you can, and cannot, cover.

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Anything can happen at a wedding, so if you invest in event insurance, what may ordinarily have been an unexpected payment for damages or a loss of vendor deposits, would instead result in peace of mind, less stress, and financial reassurance if something came up!

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