Why to Book a Weekday Wedding

Weddings are almost always expected to be on a Saturday.  But, why?  There are plenty of other days of the week that would make for a perfect wedding day.  Don’t push the idea away just yet, because there are plenty of reasons to show weekdays some attention.

  1. Longer Vacation Time for Guests

Wedding guests are already looking forward to a fun-filled day catching up with family and friends.  If your wedding is on a Friday, it allows them to take a couple extra hours, or even the day, to set aside for your wedding weekend.  Same goes for a Monday wedding.  Why stop there?  Any day of the week can allow for some extra days off surrounding your big day.  With Save the Dates and invitations, guests have more than enough time to plan accordingly and make a little vacation out of the week.  If your wedding is being held at Castle Farms, guests can spend a few days enjoying local restaurants and shops downtown, touring the Mushroom Houses, hiking, exploring the Castle’s grounds, or venturing all over northern Michigan.  They’ll have the opportunity to see and experience local food and activities or simply take an extra day to relax before heading home.

Photo: The Weber Photographers
  1. More Vendor Availability

Taking all the Saturday weddings into consideration, think of how open caterers, photographers, DJ’s, and other vendors are on, say, Mondays, Wednesdays, or even Fridays!  This means that you have more options available to you on your wedding date.  Had to ditch plans with your favorite local restaurant due to availability?  Not when you’re booking them on a weekday!

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  1. Save Money

In some cases, it is way less expensive to have a wedding on any day other than a Saturday.  Wedding venues can range anywhere from high to low.  When weekdays are thrown into that equation, prices can drop dramatically.  Saving on your venue can allow you to splurge in other areas, or just simply save some cash because, let’s face it, weddings can be expensive!  Holding your wedding on a weekday can also be more affordable for your guests.  Staying in a hotel room, in some cases, can be priced lower on a weekday.

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  1. More Quality Time with Out of Town Guests

Your wedding day—while absolutely beautiful and memorable—is a busy whirlwind of a day:  from getting dressed and ready, to taking photos, getting married, taking more photos, briefly greeting guests, and enjoying your planned special events like having dinner, toasts, and dancing.  Having a Monday or Friday wedding frees up more time to sit down and catch up with those who traveled far for your big day.  Guests who work weekdays, would typically already have the weekend off, which means no one is in a rush to get out of town, allowing them more time to spend with the newlyweds.

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  1. A More Intimate Wedding

If you were planning on a more intimate wedding to begin with, a weekday wedding may be perfect for you.  While there are quite a few people who work weekends and atypical weekday hours (take our Event Team, for example!), there are about 83% of Americans working the typical Monday through Friday.  Though many employees have flexible work schedules where they can use a personal day or make up hours another day of the week, inviting weekday workers could still lead to having a narrowed down guest list giving you a quaint and intimate experience.  If you’re planning your wedding festivities surrounding a weekday wedding, you can expect to have less-populated hotels, bars, and restaurants, even in a tourist town like Charlevoix.  Even your venue will feel more exclusive to you and your guests.

Photo: E.C. Campbell Photography

Picking a date is such an important wedding decision.  It is your future anniversary, after all!  If there’s a date that you’re set on, go for it.  It will fall on a weekend at some point in the future.    After all, no matter what day you get married on, food tastes the same, pictures will still turn out beautifully, and at the end of the day, you can still have the wedding of your dreams.  The fact is, your guests will try their best to be there if they really want (and are able) to celebrate with you.  Therefore, it shouldn’t matter whether you choose a weekday or weekend day; choose what is best for you and embrace the memories that will be had on that special day!

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