Do you enjoy helping the environment? Do you like saving money? Here at Castle Farms, we love doing both! A great way to incorporate going green and saving green at your wedding is to use old glass bottles for decorations. Take a look at the pictures below to see some of the ideas we came up with at Castle Farms.

We used empty Crown Royal bottles as our vases. It’s easy to get the label off the bottle. Simply peel as much of the label off as you can, then use Goo-Gone to remove the rest of the stickiness. If that doesn’t work, fill your sink with hot water and let the bottle soak. This allows the label to come off easily, but you may need to use a little Goo-Gone to remove any leftover stickiness.  (Helpful hint: using steel wool to scrub off the label once it’s soaked makes the process much faster!)

Choose your favorite flowers to fill your bottle. Either do it yourself, or simply give the bottle to your florist and let them do it for you.

If you don’t have any old bottles lying around, and don’t have enough time to gather what you need, try contacting a local restaurant or bar. They may very well be happy to let you take their bottles off their hands.

Now, go on and start saving your bottles!

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