A Castle Happily Ever After: Entry 2 – Planning the Shower

Hi there! It’s me again, Peggy, popping in to share more news about my daughter Kelly’s baby shower which I’m hosting on Sunday, April 27th. The shower will be held here at Castle Farms in the Queen’s Tavern. Theme for the Shower: “Help Kelly Get Her Ducks in a Row”. Kelly, being an accountant, is a very organized person and has all the small details thoroughly lined up. But it’s always helpful to have more ideas and encouragement from other people. Plus, a new baby is reason to celebrate and have fun!

Baby Shower InvitationMeanwhile, I’m trying to get all my ducks in a row with planning this baby shower. The invitations were simple; cute little ‘duck’ cards I found on-line. With the invites stamped and ready to mail, I needed a caterer. Easy enough to find, for the Castle has a wonderful Preferred Service Providers List. The Preferred Service Providers at Castle Farms are all hand-picked. Not only do they provide high quality performance and exceed expectations, but they’re also experienced in working at Castle Farms. Reception rooms at the Castle have catering areas, but there are no cooking facilities. All cooking is done outside (either in catering trailers or at the restaurant, and then delivered in warming ovens) so as not to damage the Castle’s historic stonework.

To cater Kelly’s baby shower, I chose Grey Gables Inn Restaurant and Catering, a local business with an excellent reputation. Not only did they cater her high school graduation party, they also catered Kelly’s wedding reception. Their food is delicious, and Grey Gables is often at the Castle handling events. Guests attending the baby shower will be treated to a scrumptious lunch of chicken salad served on croissants, mushroom bisque (Kelly’s favorite!), salad, and scones. Instead of a traditional cake, I’ve chosen to serve gourmet chocolate cupcakes (a Grey Gables specialty); each one will be topped by a cute little duck.

Grey Gables also offers bartending services, which will come in handy for the Mimosa Bar I’m planning. Friends have been so helpful, giving me suggestions on games and party favor ideas. I’m sure everyone will enjoy playing shower games and helping Kelly open baby gifts. Meanwhile, for the floral centerpiece, I turned to a local florist recommended on the Castle’s Preferred Service Providers List. A Touch of Spring will make sure the Tavern is decked out (or should I say ‘ducked’ out?) for springtime and baby fun.

Everyone is excited about Kelly’s upcoming Castle baby shower on Sunday, April 27th. I promise to share some of the photos, and let you know how everything turned out!


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