A Castle Happily Ever After: Entry 3 – Shower Success!

Hi there! It’s me again, Peggy. If you remember from last time, I promised to share details (and pictures!) from my daughter Kelly’s baby shower, which was held here at the Castle Sunday, April 27th.

Baby Shower at Castle FarmsThe shower, held in the Queen’s Tavern, was a great success. The theme, “Help Kelly Get Her Ducks in a Row”, was simple and fun. Naturally, we used little yellow rubber duckies to decorate the table. They were the perfect complement to the yellow duckie floral centerpiece display provided by A Touch of Spring florist. With 18 guests in attendance, I decided to seat everyone at one long banquet table, rather than use several smaller tables in groups of 6 or 8. Having worked at the Castle for a number of years, I’ve seen events in the Tavern set up both ways. There’s no right or wrong; they each work well. Kelly’s guests seemed to have a great time visiting with each other, playing the baby shower games, and enjoying the delicious gourmet luncheon provided by Grey Gables Restaurant and Catering. The Mimosa Bar proved a big hit, and everyone oohed and aahed over the yummy chocolate cupcakes topped with little yellow duckies.

In the end, everything turned out ‘just ducky!’ (as we all kept commenting once we got home). I’m glad we chose to have Kelly’s baby shower at the Castle. I didn’t have to fuss over the house, rent extra tables and chairs, plus handle the clean-up. All of that was done by Castle staff. Plus, the people I invited told me, “If it’s at the Castle, I’m definitely coming!”. The Queen’s Tavern was the perfect spot for a small, intimate party. Everyone was able to join in the laughter and excitement as Kelly opened her gifts. While she and her husband James haven’t settled on the name yet, they already have plenty of cute little purple and pink outfits waiting for their little baby girl!

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