Groomsmen photos

Ask the Coordinators- Groomsmen prep

Jessica B. asks: “I know we have a bridal suite for the ladies included with our reservation. Where do the gentlemen hang out?”

Brittany Maggrett | Michael Murphy IV PhotographyBrittany says: “While the bride and bridesmaids have the bridal suite two hours before your ceremony start time to use as a dressing space, the gentlemen most often will arrive to Castle Farms dressed and ready for pictures. The coordinators here suggest having the guys meet up in the reception space so that the photographer can easily find them when it is time for their group photos. The photographer will take the groomsmen shots while the ladies are getting ready.

“Once pictures are finished, they either wait in the reception space until it’s time to go line-up for the ceremony, or depending on the time will go right to the ceremony space to help usher guests or get lined up. If they have any personal bags or items they would like to keep here at the Castle with them, we can place them in the bridal suite as once the ceremony is complete, the entire wedding party often uses that space for their personal items.

“Depending on the Castle event schedule for your wedding day, there can be an option to rent an additional bridal suite to use for the groom and groomsmen for two hours before the ceremony start time.  If available, this rental is $50 and serves as a location for the guys to get ready and hangout in as they wait for the ceremony.  Immediately following the ceremony, all belongings in the rented suite would be relocated to the ladies’ bridal suite or out to cars for the remainder of the night.  You can inquire whether or not this option is available two months before your wedding.”

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