Ask the Coordinators- Late Arrivals

How to Deal With Late Arrivals

The bridesmaids have made their way down the aisle. The flower girl has thrown her petals. The bride, ready to begin her processional, accepts her father’s arm as the music begins. With all eyes on the bride, she takes her first step forward. But suddenly there’s a commotion near her. She turns and sees some friends, who throw her an awkward wave as they quickly slip in front of her, walk down the aisle, and take their seats. Could this happen to YOU? Some of our Castle brides have been concerned about this, and have asked how to deal with guests arriving late for the ceremony.

Assistant Coordinator with radio
Assistant with radio

At the Castle, we take measure to ensure this is a rare occurrence. Your bridal reservation actually includes an entire support team for events – housekeepers, set-up and tear-down staff, as well as staff placed in strategic places throughout the Castle prior to, during, and following the ceremony who guide guests to the appropriate locations. These team members directing traffic are set up at the entrances to the venue to ensure the guests coming in have arrived for the right wedding; other team members are in place, directing guests where to park, then guiding them on their way to the ceremony. Our Venue Coordinators, who facilitate the wedding and coordinate the bridal processional for the ceremony, are in direct contact with those staff members who direct traffic, especially as the ceremony time draws near.


Venue Coordinator on radio
Venue Coordinator on radio

Once the ceremony begins, the Venue Coordinator announces to the entire staff via radio head-sets that the wedding ceremony is starting, and that any late guests should be held back until the bridal processional has concluded. This ensures that no guest will be coming in as the bridesmaids and the bride walk down the aisle. Once the bride has entered and completed her processional walk, the Coordinator announces that any late guests can be directed to the ceremony. Our staff then assists those guests in finding seats along the sides or back of the ceremony area to help ensure their entrance will be less noticeable, without causing a disturbance”.

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