Four Ways to Keep Kids Entertained at Your Wedding

Wedding days are a great way for families far and wide to reunite and celebrate growth and new life experiences.  With families, often come children, and in some cases, lots of children.  When planning signature drinks and décor, it can often slip couples’ minds that there needs to be something to entertain the kiddos as well.  We’ve got you covered with ideas on where to start!

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  1. Coloring/Activity Books

What kid can’t get lost for hours in a coloring book? Having some sort of interactive book at each of their place settings complete with crayons, stickers, and some wedding-themed pages will keep the kids from constantly bugging their parents for attention. This can provide both an entertaining and educational way of keeping the kids seated and occupied while potentially teaching them what a wedding is about.  You can even create a custom “wedding couple story” coloring book to share your story and experiences with the families.

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  1. Scavenger Hunt

A wedding-themed scavenger hunt is another great educational tool that can be used to encourage the children at your wedding to possibly work as a team while keeping them entertained. You can list items specific to your venue.  For example, at Castle Farms, kids could search for flowers in the gardens or hidden antiques.  Other options are to include questions like “How many layers does the wedding cake have?” or “What color are the bridesmaids wearing?” or even “What kind of flowers are in the bride’s bouquet?”

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  1. Activity Table

Rather than a kids’ dinner table, give them an activity table to go to after dinner where they can do puzzles, play games, or even play with play-doh.  It’s often the simple things that will preoccupy the little ones’ minds, and in this case, keep them from wandering about the venue.

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  1. Lawn Games

Lawn games are a classic for guests of all ages. Here at Castle Farms, we provide a variety of outdoor spaces that are perfect for cornhole, ladder ball, giant checkers, Jenga, tic tac toe, and more.  The adjoining courtyards and balconies allow guests and children the freedom to venture outside, without being out of sight. This way, kids can let out some of the extra energy they got from eating cake by being active and spending some time outdoors.

Photo: Paxton Photography

By the end of the night, you’ll want your tiny guests to have enjoyed their time at your wedding, while also hopefully ensuring a quiet ride back home or to the hotel.  By providing activities for children to partake in, it’ll ensure a smooth, fun and memorable day for everyone involved!

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