Fresh Takes on a Unity Ceremony – Part 1

A few months ago, we posted about traditional Unity Ceremonies and their significance, whether done as a Candle Ceremony or Sand Ceremony. Recently, we’ve seen more and more unique Unity Ceremonies at Castle weddings, with brides and grooms wanting to present their unique personalities and creative sides while showing their two lives uniting as one. In today’s post, we’re featuring two of these new ceremonies.

Water Ceremony
Just as sand can be used in a unity ceremony, so can water! The Water Unity Ceremony utilizes pitchers or glasses containing waters dyed in different colors. The waters are then poured into a larger vase. While many colors can be used, yellow and blue are the most popular. During the ritual, the officiant explains the meaning behind the colors. Yellow represents joy, happiness, and wisdom, while blue symbolizes confidence and trust; all necessary things for a peaceful marriage. Just as when two individuals and two families unite together in marriage, mixing the two colors creates green water, which represents stability, endurance, growth, and harmony — qualities which keep a couple and their new family together.

Tree Planting Ceremony
Another popular variation of the Unity Ceremony involves the bride and groom planting a tree together. It’s a little different, but the idea remains the same: to create something new from the joining of two separate individuals. Together, the bride and groom place a small young tree into a large pot. After filling the pot with soil, they then water the plant. Just as the tree will grow, so will the two families grow together as one. For an added touch of sentimentality, it’s a neat idea for the bride and groom each to start with a separate jar of soil which they join together in the pot. Even more special—using soil from each of their parents’ homes! 

These are just a few of the new Unity Ceremonies we are seeing in Castle weddings. We promise more to come! Keep watching our blog for parts 2 & 3!

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