Fresh Takes on a Unity Ceremony – Part 2

Time to feature more unique ideas for a unity ceremony! So far, we’ve detailed the Water Ceremony and the Tree Planting Ceremony as alternative ideas to a Candle or Sand Unity Ceremony. In this post, we have two additional types of unity ceremonies you can incorporate into your wedding.

Rose Ceremony

Rose CeremonyElegant and romantic! We love the idea of a Rose Ceremony, which can easily be done in one of several ways. In the first example, the bride and groom each hold a rose, state a wish for their marriage, and then exchange roses. Here’s another way to incorporate this unique ceremony: two small bouquets of roses (colors may be switched out for a variation in hue) are combined in one large vase. The roses can be placed on a unity table for the duration of the ceremony. They can also be carried up by the maid of honor and best man, or the mothers, other family members, and even close friends, creating an even more personal unity ceremony.     

Unity Painting

Unity Painting - Northern Art Photography
Northern Art Photography

This one is perfect for couples wishing to incorporate some fun into their ceremony. You get to splash jars of paint onto a canvas in front of your guests! The groom uses one color of paint, and the bride another. Some couples have brushes and paint actual designs, combining the two colors into one; others simply take jars of paint, pouring them onto the canvas, creating drips and splashes out of the two colors. Lots of fun! Just be careful not to get paint on your dress!

Still looking for something different? We have a few more ideas to share, so watch our blog for part 3!

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