Fresh Takes on a Unity Ceremony – Part 3

And now, our last post for fresh unity ceremony ideas! These final two featured unity ceremonies have great meaning behind them, and you’ll have fun finding ways to make either even more unique to your personalities!

Tying a Knot and Hand Tying

Photo Credit: Northern Art Photography

Another unity ceremony idea: tie a knot while “tying the knot”. The bride and groom simply tie a knot, connecting two pieces of rope together. Their marriage is said to be as strong as the knot. Hand tying is a variation on this tradition. As a very obvious display of unity, hand tying (also known as “hand fasting”) involves the couple joining hands while the officiant wraps a rope around the couples’ hands, binding them together. 

Wine Box Ceremony

This ceremony is very unique and involves a bit of ‘pre-and post-ceremony’ design. Sometime before the ceremony takes place, the bride and groom will have written secret love letters to each other. During the ceremony, the couple place the letters in a box, accompanied by a bottle of wine. The box is then sealed and eventually buried until the couple’s 25th wedding anniversary, at which time they will dig up the box, drink the wine together, and read each other’s love notes. What a wonderful way to keep things exciting! And, should there be struggles in the marriage, the couple also has the option of opening the box early for an instant reminder of how and why they fell in love, and the true reason they got married.

And there you have it! From planting a tree, to creating a painting, to tying hands together, there are endless ways for the bride and groom to showcase their unity as they join together on their wedding day. Pick the unity ceremony that best represents you and your family, and provides you with a treasured memento for years to come. Or use your imagination and create your own representation of your two families joining as one as you start your life together!

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