Today we wanted to highlight the talented people of our state by featuring some great items for sale in our Castle Farms Gift Shop that are made right here in Michigan!

1) Novels by Michigan Author Kathleen Irene Paterka: We not only have a Michigan author’s books stocked in the Castle Farms Gift Shop, but we also have the author working at Castle Farms! Kathleen Irene Paterka has been writing since middle school, when her parents gave her a typewriter for Christmas. First published in July 2012, she has since written five novels, four of which are included in the James Bay Series, and available for sale in the Castle’s Gift Shop. Her sixth book, For The Love of a Castle, was co-written with the Castle’s owner Linda Mueller. It details the rich history and restoration of Castle Farms.


2) Bullfrog Candle Company Wedding Candles: Bullfrog Candle Company was a Charlevoix-based candle production company with their very own candle making technique. Their well-known ‘glowing candles’, when lit, glow from top to bottom. Though the company has stopped production, the Castle’s Gift Shop still has a remaining stock of wedding-themed candles perfect for unity ceremonies or wedding gifts.




3) Sand Castles and Lighthouses: These sand castle sculptures were designed and created in Michigan, and brought to sale by Castles of Enchanted Sand. First designed for family amusement, they’ve become a great production and include several different styles that can even be personally engraved.



4) Michigan-Shaped Wooden Cutting Board: We’re so happy to feature these cutting boards in our Gift Shop! They are created in Northern Michigan by Michigan Mapleworks and Michigan Wooden Spoon, a family run business and farm.





5) Little Green Guys: These cute little green monsters were created by Michigan artist Brittany Martin. The green guys happened by accident, but once everyone fell in love with them, she did, too! In addition to the plush stuffed monsters, she’s created little green monster sculptures, paintings, pendants and more.





6) Baby Hats: What could be more adorable than these little baby hats with bows, feathers and flower adornments made by Baby Bows 2 Toes?! You might probably guess we have a few moms working at Castle Farms, which is why we always have an assortment of these little hats and headbands stocked in the Gift Shop.



7) Hollyhock Seeds and Lavender Satchels: These packets of hollyhock seeds and lavender come straight from Castle Farms’ gardens! Our Knight’s Courtyard is known for the dark purple holly hocks climbing the stone walls, and our East Garden is always fragrant from the lavender surrounding the walk-ways. Now guests can take home pieces of the gardens!


8) Wooden Signs: These decorative wooden signs feature cute sayings for any part of your home! While the original creator, Gerald Hoffman from Alanson, MI, recently passed, his daughter plans to continue the business as a way to stay close to him.




9) Petoskey Stone Jewelry, Ornaments, and Wine Glasses: Probably the most well-known sign of Northern Michigan is the Petoskey stone. It’s always neat to see what local artisans create using them! We work with Archy’s Rock Shop and Lakeshore Stones to showcase these beautiful necklaces, rings, wine glasses and Christmas ornaments fashioned with Petoskey stones.




Not all of our inventory is online, so be sure to stop in to see what else we have!

The Castle Farms Gift Shop is open from 9:30am to 4:00pm, 7 days a week  through mid-November, Monday through Saturday through the winter months. Call ahead to verify hours as we close early on some event days. 231-237-0884 ext. 240.

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