Tiptoe Through the Tulips

Knight's Circle GardenThe Castle gardens have so many tulips bursting into bloom, we think a bit of tip-toeing is in order. A recent stroll around the Castle showed spectacular springtime flowers. Meanwhile, the daffodils are also competing for our attention. From light shades of lilac to the deepest purples, from soft buttercups to vibrant yellows, the gardens of Castle Farms are alive with the promise of spring. Now all we need are a few more warm sunny days before all our gardens (eighteen of them!) come into full bloom. Let’s take a peek at some of the things we recently spotted, and what we can look forward to in the weeks and months ahead:

West Courtyard GardenWest Courtyard Garden

Tulips and daffodils compete for attention in this elegant formal garden with its graceful garden gazebo.


Queen's Circle GardenQueen’s Circle Garden

Tulips basking in the sun hold the spotlight in this pretty little garden on the Queen’s Drive near the Reflection Pond.


King's Grand CourtyardKing’s Grand Courtyard Garden

Fragrant roses will soon be blooming in the multi-terraced vista of the King’s Grand Courtyard Garden. The four graceful stone maidens enjoy a position of royal prominence while surrounded by tulip and daffodil blossoms waving in the wind.


East GardenEast Garden

The East Garden, second oldest at the Castle, is alive with yellow and white daffodils. Once the numerous lavender bushes begin to bloom, the East Garden will be filled with a sweet aromatic fragrance.

Knight's CourtyardKnight’s Courtyard Garden

Privacy hedges border this beautiful secluded garden. Come early summer, the colorful hollyhocks and iris will begin to demand our attention, but the Zephrine Drouin and Kathleen Harrop climbing roses are sure to win out because of their sweet sensual fragrance.

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