Tram TourGuests to Castle Farms get to enjoy not only our original stonework (nearly a century old) but also pristine formal gardens, the largest outdoor model railroad in Michigan, and a museum devoted to 1918, the year the Castle was built. It can take quite a while to explore the grounds on foot. Those with limited time or mobility issues may not experience everything they’d like.

We have a solution! After searching high and low for the perfect solution, we found not one, but two- Trams! Our two new Trams can comfortably seat up to 100 people together. The large one has a trailer that expands its seating to 80 guests while the smaller tug-style tram can seat 20 guests.

Guests ride comfortably in the open air cabs as they tour the property. The route includes a trail behind Birch Lake and through the forest as well as a paved path that circles the Castle buildings. A microphoned guide shares interesting stories and facts about the nearly 100 years of history of the property. Tram Tours will run through September (weather permitting) at designated times throughout the day.

The best part? The Tram Tours are included with your admission to Castle Farms! During July and August we offer public Guided Tours daily at 10:00am and 1:00pm. Self-guided Tours are also available daily. Both Guided and Self-guided Tour guests may take advantage of the included Tram Tour at no additional charge.

 The Tram Tour is also a great asset for our Coach and Group Tours. Castle Farms is visited each year by more than 75 large groups and motorcoaches, averaging 50 guests or more in each group. The Tram is already a big hit!

We hope you visit the Castle this summer and enjoy one of our Tram Tours!


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