Winter Fun at Castle Farms

While the sometimes bitter cold temperatures of winter in Northern Michigan often keep us caught indoors, there’s still plenty to see and do on a visit to Castle Farms! Our gardens may be covered in snow, but our historical collections and unique items are ready to be explored. Today we’re highlighting a few of the things you can see while touring the Castle during the winter months:

Our historical collections are truly worth a visit. They vary from the finest of delicate china depicting European castles and royalty, to toys dating back to the 1900s. Some of the most interesting items will be found in our 1918 Museum, where you can view pieces that were available for sale in the original Sears catalog in the 1900s-1920s, plus historical artifacts and uniforms from WWI. The collections are on display throughout the entire property, making an interesting find for any guest.

European Castle Display at Castle Farms, Charlevoix MichiganAntique Toy Collection at Castle Farms, Charlevoix Michigan
After viewing the historical collections, children can pay a visit to Norm the Dragon and Sid the Sea Monster, who still guard their castle homes despite being surrounded by snow! In the King’s Grand Courtyard, our Four Garden Maidens look regal and inspiring against the winter white backdrop. And while the snow prevents you from entering the Hedge Maze, you can still see Bob the Bear peaking out over the top as he awaits springtime and the buzz of activity surrounding him once the Train Garden opens.

Toast to Literacy at Castle Farms
Can’t make it out for a winter self-guided tour? No worries! There are several events put on by the Castle and local organizations which are fun to attend. The Castle hosts Santa’s Train Wonderland, New Year’s Eve Modern Day Masquerade, and Snowman Story Time. Events such as the Charlevoix Hospital Foundation’s Holly Daze, Third Day Fellowship’s Winter Gala, Char-Em United Way’s Toast to Literacy, Rotary Club’s St. Patrick’s Day Party, Charlevoix Chamber’s Business Expo, Knights of Columbus’ Cash Party, or East Jordan High School Extravaganza are also hosted at the Castle. By coming out for an event, you can still enjoy part of what the Castle has to offer.Norm the Dragon at Castle Farms, Charlevoix Michigan

And if you don’t make it out for an event or don’t have time for a tour, our Gift Shop alone can make a trip to the Castle worth braving the cold. It holds jewelry, toys, games, books, clothing and accessories, and even kitchen and home accents! So, take some time inside to warm up, then come visit Castle Farms!

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