A Real Michigan Castle Wedding: “Faux-Flower” DIY

When you picture a wedding, you think of flowers: beautiful arrangements for the ceremony, elegant centerpieces for the reception, unique bouquets and boutonnieres accessorizing the wedding party. Flowers and weddings; it’s hard to imagine one without the other. But with wedding flowers averaging 10% of the entire bridal budget, flowers can add up to a significant cost. While it’s true that there’s no replacement for the elegant touch real flowers lend a wedding, it could be to your advantage to rethink your ideas about wedding flowers.

Sometimes the budget spent on floral décor doesn’t truly reflect your personality or wedding theme. If you and your groom are food fanatics, you might prefer to cut in other areas so as to have a larger food and catering budget available. If you love dancing, you might consider spending more on entertainment and less on the rest. There’s nothing wrong with adjusting a standard budget to fit your wedding. After all, it’s your day! Why not do it your way?

Keep the ‘floral-look’ you want without breaking your budget: DIY with fabulous “faux-flowers”! Amanda and Tim’s Castle wedding features a wonderful example. When Amanda and Tim chose to use artificial flowers, Amanda’s sister took on the role of florist and pulled it all together. From the beautiful bouquets and boutonnieres to the cute centerpieces, this fabulous faux-look proves that using artificial flowers not only cuts down your budget, but looks just as nice! Take a look at these photos by Amanda and Tim’s photographer, Nichole Maidens, to see all of the faux-flowers the couple incorporated into their wedding!


























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