Daisy’s return to the Castle

Sometimes life has a funny way of coming full circle. Such was the case with a special visitor we had last month. Born in 1912, Daisy has seen a lot over the years including the rise and fall of Loeb Farms. To give a little perspective, Daisy was just 6 when Albert Loeb built the Castle in 1918. She toured Loeb Farm when she was 14 in 1926, one of the last years the farms operated.

Fast forward to 2016. Her grandson-in-law, Kevin Pearsall, owns KP Landscaping Company, which manages much of the gardens and  landscaping at Castle Farms. Kevin, his mother Lynn, who also works for the landscaping company, his wife Vikki’s mother, Mariel, and Mariel’s mother, Daisy, got a private tour with Linda Mueller, owner of the Castle. Amazingly, Daisy turned 105 just 2 weeks after her visit. A huge Happy Birthday to Daisy from all of us a Castle Farms!

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