Sarah at the Grand Bridal Expo

Happy thoughts to start the season

While New Year’s tends to be the time for reflection for most people, for us at Castle Farms, it’s often May, right when the summer season starts. We anticipate less time behind our desks and more time face to face with our guests, and of course, we can’t wait to see the gardens blooming.

We asked some of our Castle Staff about their favorite memory of 2015. Some are sweet, some are funny, but all of the memories come together to build a workplace where employees feel like friends and friends feel like family. Enjoy, and we hope to see you in 2016!

Sarah at the Grand Bridal ExpoSarah H: My favorite event each year is our Grand Bridal Expo. It’s a lot of work to put on, but I love how fast-paced it is, and I love getting to see all of the wedding professionals and upcoming brides we get to work with. With approximately 150 brides attending the show, it is always nice to see some local, familiar faces in the crowd. When it came time for the Grand Giveaway Wedding Package drawing, as the DJ called up a little boy from the crowd to draw the winning card from the raffle drum, I thought “how fun would it be if the winning bride is someone that I’ve met before!”. Then the DJ announced the winner, “Robyn Petzak and Jake Sabol!” Not only was it a bride I have met, it was a bride I went to high school with! It was so neat, and definitely a great memory from the year!

Brittany at workBrittany: I was sitting at my desk getting some work done and all of a sudden I look over and see a young couple waving at me through the windows of our office door. I immediately placed their faces and sprung up to greet the couple I worked with one year prior for their wedding at Castle Farms. The newlyweds came back for a visit on their first anniversary and I was so thankful they stopped to see if I was in the office so they could say, “Hello!” After we talked about their first year of marriage and the rest of their anniversary plans, we said our goodbyes I went back in the office and told the other girls how rewarding that experience was. Knowing one of my couples came back a year after their wedding to reminisce in the same place they said their vows and had their wedding celebrations, was truly special. And the fact that they took time to stop and search me out made me appreciate my role as a Venue Coordinator even more; I get to play a small part in a couple’s biggest, most important day!


Prince and Princess Story TimeJessica: I loved Prince and Princess and Enchanted Story Time. Seeing the kids come in excited to play at the castle in their princess costumes was heartwarming.


Walter- Michael Murphy IV PhotographyWalter: I needed something to add as an attraction to the G-scale garden displays that I host in the summer. During the miniature car show last year I got the idea to build a Ferris wheel. David and I were so excited about the project that we decided to make it a surprise for the event. So I chose the hobbit hideout to put the pieces together. There were self-guided tour going on, and there was a small window on the door where people could see in. For two days I had tours looking in the door surprised to actually see a hobbit in the hideout. They got to see what I was doing in the end, but I definitely got some laughs out of it.


Abe- Michael Murphy IV PhotographyAbe: Staff morale is something I love. My staff is made up of a lot of high school aged kids, and at 6am we’re all goofy, loopy, and sometimes pretty tired, but we’re ready to get stuff done. It’s a great energy level and makes the day go quickly.


Train Wonderland photo opSara B: I loved building the fireplace photo spot for Santa’s Train Wonderland with Linda. We had fun designing and making it. It turned out great! I loved working with Linda and also seeing the kids posing with the cut out.


Alissa in Leadership Charlevoix CountyAlissa: The Castle sponsored me to join Leadership Charlevoix County, a 9 month long leadership training class that exposes future leaders to aspects of our County. This program has been incredibly impactful and I am so grateful to the Castle for the opportunity. One of my favorite parts about the program is that we each get mentors. My mentor is a marketer, and she has taught me so much, both personally and professionally. I can’t wait to graduate the program this May!

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