Must-Do’s for a Country “I-Do!”

With the wedding season coming to a close here at Castle Farms, we’re all taking a look back at the fun and unique weddings that were held here this summer. With sites like Pinterest on the rise, our Castle brides and grooms are getting more and more creative. It’s just impossible not to take notice! In this post, we’re featuring Tara and Travis and their old-time country wedding celebration. The couple brought in their personalities—and some pretty neat decoration ideas—to create a true “country-style wedding” this past June. Check out their six “must-haves” to create this old-time country style!

1. Venue

A rustic country venue is the first step in creating a rustic-style wedding. Since barns, farm houses, or reception tents set in the countryside are all good settings to match the theme, it was no surprise to use when Tara and Travis chose our Knight’s Castle for their reception—it was originally a horse barn! The Knight’s Castle provided the perfect old-barn feel with its aged wooden beams and open ceiling. The stonework created a unique, elegant touch. The venue was a great backdrop for their creative country minds to come together!

2. Hay Bales

Whether used as ceremony seating or decoration for the reception, hay bales help to set the “country” scene. Leave them bare or dress them up with linen. Either way, it’s a simple touch that will let your guests know they’re in for a country celebration! Tara and Travis placed their hay bales outside the entrances leading into the Knight’s Castle.

3. Burlap

Burlap is a must when it comes to adding a chic touch to a rustic wedding. The material lends texture to reception tables when used as a runner, and helps draw attention to decorations when used in centerpieces. Tara and Travis went beyond the table centerpieces and carried the burlap theme along to cover the bottom of potted plants used at their ceremony, as well as trendy bows adorning their flower vases.

4. Rustic Décor

Once the old-time country scene is set using basic decorations like hay and burlap, smaller details need to be brought in. Going for a rustic look? Trying continuing the theme by using old, slightly worn decorations, and dress them up to make everything elegant! Old cans and bottles are perfect for vases or candle holders. Simply spray paint them to clean them up, then incorporate your personal color scheme. Find other antique decorations, and mix them for fun to fit the theme. Tara and Travis added old books to pair with their bottles and cans. We loved the warm, country-home look!

5. Mason Jars

You can’t have a rustic country wedding without mason jars! They’re uber-versatile. Use them as vases, votive candle holders, guest favors or even for drinks. Tara and Travis used mason jars wherever they could: as vases for their unity ceremony, votive candle holders over their dance floor, and even as champagne flutes!

6. Barn Wood Signs

And the final touch for a country celebration… barn wood signs! Assemble old barn wood boards to create a backboard for seating arrangements, directional signs pointing guests to the ceremony / reception, or a “thank you” sign. Tara and Travis chose to use barn wood signs for the flower girls and ring bearers to carry during the ceremony. The choice was a big hit; it definitely left guests ‘ooh-ing’ and ‘awe-ing’ during their processional!

And there you have it. Six “must-haves” for that ‘old-time country’ wedding perfect for a bride and groom with true country personalities. But don’t just take our word for it. Here’s what Tara and Travis have to say about their country ‘I-do’:

“Travis and I knew we wanted an old time country wedding from day one of planning. It was really important to us that the wedding was traditional, old fashioned and that it reflected who we are and what we love. I looked through many bridal magazines, but found a lot of my ideas when looking through pictures of old barns. As soon as I saw the Knights Castle, I knew it was the right place. It has beautiful elegance with a rustic charm, and was exactly what we were going for. I wanted my friends and family to feel warm and welcomed when entering the hall, and to have a lot of fun when seeing all the unique items we used to decorate. A favorite among everyone were the mason jars giving extra light above the dance floor, plus the light bulbs hanging nearby with a single pink flower in them. It took a long time to gut the light bulbs so they’d be cleaned out. But it was worth every minute we spent, once I saw how magical the candles and flowers looked floating above us as we shared our first dance. I think what made the day perfect, though, were the minor details that were so special to us. Our rings were carried down the aisle atop Travis’ brother’s Bible. My “something old” was my great grandmother’s “W” brooch (who knew I would marry into a family that would provide me with her very own initials!). I carried a handkerchief that belonged to Travis’ grandmother. I hand sewed the wedding date into both my wedding veil and my dress for my “something blue.” All of these small details made our wedding day better than we had ever imagined.”

“Our wedding was also perfect because of the hard work and dedication of the Castle Farms staff! The entire day went smoothly because they went above and beyond to address every situation without interrupting our special day. I cannot imagine all the work that was done behind the scenes to make certain everything went as planned. They were so accommodating and did everything they could to give us the wedding of our dreams. All our vendors were spectacular. A big thank you to BJ’s Catering, Prestige Productions DJ’s, Northern Michigan Photo Booth, Tommy Tropic, and Jessica Frederick Photography! Our friends and family had a wonderful time getting pictures, enjoying cigars, the great music, and delicious food because our vendors gave such wonderful service. Each of these vendors were directed and assisted by Castle Farms staff. They truly have a gift for what they do, and all of their help and assistance throughout the year we spent planning is still greatly appreciated! Sarah even assisted me when it came to finding flowers in town. She helped make sure they were ordered and delivered in time for the wedding. Sarah is a strong silent presence as she works with the staff. You may not notice when she is there, but you certainly would if she wasn’t! We are so glad we chose to have our wedding with Castle Farms, and we couldn’t be happier with how our day turned out.”

Photos by Jessica Frederick Photography.

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