“Save The Date” Cards

Heard of “Save The Date” cards? They’re sent out six months in advance, announcing the date and location of your wedding. While they may seem repetitive and unnecessary —especially since you’ll eventually be sending your wedding guests formal invitations— “Save The Date” cards are quickly gaining popularity in today’s busy world. Guests often need (and appreciate!) an early “heads-up” about an event in order to make arrangements for a weekend away from work. “Save The Date” cards are a fun way to announce your engagement and often make the difference in how many guests are able to attend your celebration. “Save The Date” cards simply announce the location and date, giving your guests time to plan their weekend get-away, especially if you’re planning a Destination Wedding. The formal wedding invitation, normally mailed out 6-8 weeks prior to the big event, will include particular details of the ceremony and reception.

Here at Castle Farms, we offer a unique (and cost-efficient!) option to our bridal couples for “Save-The-Dates”: Castle postcards! With three unique photos of the Castle to choose from, you can send the postcards to your guests as a way to let them know when and where you’ll be hosting your wedding. Castle Postcards are sold to our bridal couples at 50% off (a great savings!), and having a gorgeous color photo of where they’ll be traveling often makes the difference on whether or not your guests choose to make the trip! Happily-Ever-After- at a Castle? RSVP – YES!!!

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