Ceremony musicians

Ask the Coordinators- Ceremony sound system

Stephanie P. asks: “Can my ceremony musician hook into the sound system Castle Farms provides with the ceremony space?”

Brittany says: “With your ceremony at Castle Farms, a sound system is provided along with a staff member to operate the system. We can play CD’s or mp3 players, and we have one wireless handheld microphone and one wireless clip-on lapel microphone. While we do include this option for couples that want to have recorded music played at their ceremony, we understand that some couples may choose to have live music, and that works too!

Ceremony musicians


“For live musicians, we suggest that they bring their own amp or speaker system. They cannot hook into the channels on our sound systems, and our sound systems are not mobile. They are built and wired into the buildings, and are not in locations close to where a ceremony musician would want to be set up to play. Because the systems are built in, there is no access to the inputs and outputs.


“Each ceremony courtyard is equipped with outlets in multiple locations, including upfront where the ceremony takes place, and in the back where the processional lineups begin. The ceremony musician can bring their own amp or speaker system, and choose to be set up at the front of the ceremony or at the back of the ceremony, using the outlets here to power their system.”

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