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Ask the Coordinators- Draping

Laura H. asks: “I am interested in draping fabric in my reception room. How can this be done?”

Sarah Hagen | Michael Murphy IV PhotographySarah says: “Draping has definitely gained in popularity in the wedding world! While our reception rooms are stunning on their own, we have seen draping being added in several different ways. Some couples choose to highlight certain areas in the reception with backdrops, such as behind the head table or around the cake display. Other couples have had ceiling draping throughout their entire reception room.

“One option that we see most often that works very well is focusing on the dance floor area of the reception spaces, as that falls in the center of all of our full size rooms. It brings in that look that draping creates, but is also reasonable for cost and time restraints since it is a smaller area to focus on. We have seen colored fabric, white tulle, and even lights hung to highlight the dance floor.

“A professional draping company is always a good idea when looking into elaborate draping. They will have the proper equipment and fabric to create the right look. No nailing, drilling, or adhesive can be used on the Castle walls or ceilings, so professional companies come in with items such as clamps, wires and poles to put up the fabric. These companies can often do several different types of draping, whether it is full-scale ceiling draping or smaller backdrops. Our Preferred draping company is Sweet Seats; they have done draping several times here at the Castle. They work within the available times due to our event schedule, as any company will need to do, and are able to create many different looks.

“If a professional draping company is not hired, there are a few options available to couples. For any draping that requires a ladder under 10’ tall, the couple is able to do on their own. The Castle coordinators have measurements for each room to be able to estimate the amount of fabric that will be needed, and we can discuss what is possible based on the different reception rooms. If a ladder over 10’ tall is required, the couple does need to hire their Castle coordinator to do the decorating, which is $50 per man hour. Again, no nailing, drilling or adhesive is allowed on the Castle walls or ceilings, so any hooks or hanging equipment will need to be provided by the couple, along with the fabric, whether the couple is handling the draping or hiring their coordinator. The Castle coordinators are not professionals in draping or handling fabric, but we can discuss what we have done or seen, and what is possible based on each couples vision.”

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