Ask the Coordinators- Head Table Dimensions

Audrey F. asks: “What are the dimensions of the head table?”

MaryAnn Kucharski | Darrell Christie PhotographyMaryAnn says: “There are several ways to lay out your head table, so we will first want to determine what style head table you would like! Then we can look more closely at your number of attendants to be seated at the head table, along with available space for the table in the reception room, to determine the exact dimensions.

“I’ll describe a few of the different head table styles we’ve seen here at the Castle, and my recommendations for when they work best. Most popular is a traditional straight head table, with attendants seated on one side facing out towards the guests. This work well for wedding parties of up to 12, as more than that will create quite a long table, which may result in needing to remove guest tables to fit. For 12 attendants, this table will be 24’ long and 2.5’ wide (using three 8’x2.5’ banquet tables end to end). Another option for the head table style, which is similar to the straight head table, is a U-shape head table, where the two end tables are turned in to extend out from the back, straight portion of the table. This is a great alternative if you have a few more wedding party attendants, as it can create extra seats without adding to the length of the table. It also lets those wedding party attendants that are seated at both ends see the bride and groom more easily, as they’ll be seated facing in towards the center. This style fits up to 16 attendants comfortably; with more attendants, we would want to remove guest tables to make more space. For 16 attendants, this table will be 20’ long and 2.5’ wide (using one 8’x2.5 banquet table and two 6’x2.5’ banquet tables end to end), and will have a 6’x2.5’ banquet table extending forward from either end.

“We have seen a few more alternatives to those more traditional style head tables. Becoming more popular is the ‘sweetheart’ table, where it is a small round 4’-diameter table seating just the bride and groom. The wedding party members then either sit among the guest tables, or we create two separate head tables on either side of the sweetheart table for the wedding party attendants to sit. The most comfortable number of attendants on either side of the sweetheart table, if seated in a straight line, would be 6 on each side. They would be seated at a 12’ long and 2.5’ wide table (using two 6’x2.5’ banquet tables end to end). If you need to seat more attendants, we would want to remove guest tables to allow more room. Another head table style is called a ‘king’s table’, where attendants sit around all sides of a larger table. This works really well if you are planning to have wedding party members sit with their dates at the head table, as you can fit up to 26 attendants. For 26 attendants, the table would be 24’ long and 5’ wide (using six 8’x2.5’ tables, two tables wide, three tables long).

“If you have one of these styles picked out and have a different wedding party size than the examples above, simply reach out to us here at Castle Farms and we can give dimensions for your attendant count. Or, if you have other ideas or visions for your head table, let us know! We’re happy to discuss options, and see how they can fit in the reception spaces and what tables would work best to fit your space and attendant count.”

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