late night snacks

Ask the Coordinators- Late night snacks

Kate L. asks: “Are late night snacks allowed?”

Late night snacksSarah says: “Yes! Late night snacks are allowed, and we think they’re a great idea. Your guests will appreciate snacks to revive them after a night filled with celebratory drinks and dancing. Plus, it’s a chance to really show your personalities by offering your favorite food or snacks. And don’t worry about offering a full or traditional wedding dinner. Late night snack options are meant to be fun and casual. Pizza, chips and salsa, milk and cookies, or BBQ sliders are always popular choices. Want to really wow your guests? Hire a local food truck to provide late night snack orders. Some local food vendors we’ve heard are pretty awesome include Pigs Eatin Ribs, Woodfired Up, Etta’s Kitchen, and Happy’s Tacos. You can also chat with your caterer about designing a special snack menu to be offered later in the evening. In a pinch? Call out for delivery pizza! Most important thing to remember? Don’t stress out about it! Whatever option you choose, it’s sure to be a hit with your guests!”

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