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Allison W asks: “I am hoping to rent colored napkins and overlays for my reception. Is there a way for me to see what colors you have available?”

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Sarah says: “If you choose to rent linen from an outside source, like one of our recommend linen companies, you will work with them directly on samples and colors. However, if you rent linen through Castle Farms, we use one specific linen company, and we can get many different fabrics and colors through them. We have recently launched our Linen Showroom through this company, and it is now accessible for couples to use! Simply go to; when you click to view products or the fabric selector, you will be prompted to enter a Username and Password. The Username is “Castle Farms”, the Password is “Event”. You will then be able to use the features of this website.

“To view available colors and fabrics, click the “Products” tab on the top. There will be a list along the left panel showing available fabrics; click the fabric you are interested in, and it will bring up available colors. The most standard fabrics, with the most colors available, are Solid, Satin, and Lamour. When you select a color, you will then be able to see the available sizes and other fabrics to match.

“A great feature of our Showroom is the “Fabric Selector”. This is a virtual table designer, where you can select colors and fabrics you are looking at, and see how they would look on a table! You start with selecting which type of linen you want to see first (Table Linen, Overlay, Napkin, etc). Then, at the bottom, you select a fabric category. It will bring up available colors, and once you click a color it will put that on the virtual table!

“Another great feature is the “Photo Album“. Use this to get inspired by theme and color. Simply choose an Event Type to access that specific gallery.

“We are so excited to have this Showroom launched, so couples can easily access available colors! If you are interested in pricing for linens, simply contact the Castle Farms Wedding Office with what you are looking for, and we can put together a proposal.

“We do want to note that the Showroom will give an option for Chair Covers and Chiavari Chairs. Since the Showroom is through a national linen company, those options are standard with their websites. We have other suggestions for Chair Covers that more closely fit our white chairs. Castle Farms cannot rent Chiavari chairs, so if you are interested in them, we suggest renting through Sweet Seats Chair Covers, Taylor Rental of Petoskey, and The Chair Cover & Linen Collection. All three companies are local and are very familiar with Castle Farms.

“We hope the convenience of our Linen Showroom will be a great asset to our couples and will spark your creativity!”

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