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Ask the Coordinators- Vendor Etiquette

Angela G. asks: “What is the etiquette for providing a meal or seat for my vendors? Do vendors count towards my total guest count?”

Vendor Etiquette by Katelyn Carless Katelyn’s says: You do not need to provide a meal or seat for your Castle Farms Venue Coordinator or the Assistant Venue Coordinator – we will be working with your band or DJ to release guest tables and ensure the caterers have what they need during the dinner service. For other vendors, just check the contract to see their requirements- most vendors will outline in their contract whether they require a meal or a seat.

Most often, photographers, videographers, and the DJ or band will require a meal. They often require that they be seated in the reception room as well, so that they are ready if anything happens during dinner that would require their services (such as an impromptu speech or guests clinking their glasses for a bride/groom kiss – moments you would want your MC there to announce and your photographer there to capture). Other vendors such as the officiant, cake designer or florist do not stay at the reception.

Your vendors that do require a seat and meal do count towards your overall guest count. Our room maximums are set for the total amount of people able to be held in the rooms. If the vendors need a seat, they will count towards the guest count and table count for the reception. If you are in a position where you are getting very close to the room maximum with your personal guests and do not think you will be able to fit a seat for all vendors requiring a meal, let your Venue Coordinator here know and we may be able to come up with another solution such as placing the vendors at a garden table just outside the reception, or use a smaller table in the reception for just vendor seats.

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