Ask the Coordinators- Venue Coordinators

Ashley M. asks: “When will we get in contact with our Venue Coordinator, and what are their responsibilities?”

Dani Mullen | Michael Murphy IV PhotographyDani’s says: “The Castle Farms Coordinators are always available to answer any questions regarding your wedding here at the Castle during your planning process. You will be assigned your specific Venue Coordinator two months prior to your scheduled wedding date, and that Venue Coordinator then becomes your main point of contact. Until that time, any of the coordinators in the office are available to you.

“The Castle Farms Coordinator is responsible for collecting and managing the fine details leading up to your wedding. Prior to your big day, she will contact vendors to confirm the event timeline, and ensure vendors are familiar with our property. She will work with you on arranging your room and ceremony layout, and she will ensure that the room is set up exactly how you designed it based on your room layout and Set-Up Sheets prior to your arrival. She will help your bridal party line up and practice the rehearsal of your wedding ceremony, and do the same for your ceremony.  During your reception, she will be behind the scenes, making sure your event is executed as planned and scheduled. From checking in with the photographer during cocktail hour, to making sure the DJ is ready to announce you in, to making sure the caterer has the champagne out for your toasts, your Coordinator will be there to handle the logistics of the evening so you and your guests may enjoy the celebration.

“It is important to make the distinction between your Castle Farms Venue Coordinator and a Wedding Planner. A Castle Farms Coordinator is there as an extension of the Castle; she is there to ensure that the Castle provides you with the best possible experience on your most special day. A Wedding Planner, hired separately, is an extension of you. He or she is there to represent your wishes to vendors, coordinators and other contacts to alleviate the stress of the wedding planning process. From deciding a budget, to choosing theme colors and tablescapes, she is there to help make major decisions in planning all of the elements and details from the very start to the very end.

“Whether you hire your own wedding planner or handle the planning on your own, the Castle Farms Venue Coordinators and Staff are here to ensure your day runs smoothly and that the Castle experience is magical!”

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