Ask the Coordinators- Wine Selections

Erika R. asks “What are the wines available from Castle Farms for our wedding?”

Sarah Hagen | Michael Murphy IV PhotographySarah says: “We’re so excited about our line of Castle Farms wine through our new licensed tasting room debuting this fall, 1918 Cellars.

“Our wine lineup consists of eight selections – one sparkling wine, four white wines, and three red wines. All great for weddings, or a night at home!

“Celebrate with a toast to the milestone of your wedding day with our sparkling selection, Visionary.  Titled in honor of those who have had such visions for Castle Farms and the couples who have shared in the experience, this dry sparkling wine comes with aromas of apple to give a slightly sweet finish.

“Our white wines include Birch Lake White, Sauvignon Blanc, Chardonnay and Riesling. Birch Lake White, named for our beautiful Birch Lake, is our easy-drinking white wine blend and is a great option to please all ranges of white wine drinkers. Sauvignon Blanc brings in mineral and citrus notes for guests looking for a light, dry, crisp white wine. Our Chardonnay is aged in French oak barrels and is a semi-dry selection, leaving a toasty oak aroma and taste with a lush finish. For those looking for a sweeter white wine, our Riesling is it. Balanced with natural acidity, this semi-sweet Riesling brings intense fruity aromas for a unique offering for your guests.

“The red wine selections include Pinot Noir, Serenity Red and Stonemason. Our Pinot Noir aged in French Oak for six months, giving it a fuller style with a subtle vanilla aroma. Serenity Red, named after our Serenity Garden, is our pleasing red wine blend, again great for all ranges of red wine drinkers with its lighter, fruity finish. For those looking for a bolder red, Stonemason is a great option. A blend of Merlot and Syrah, this velvety red wine is an elegant selection for guests.

“Contact Castle Farms with any questions on your wedding order and the selections available; we are happy to help with having these wines ready for your wedding day! Watch for our fall opening of the 1918 Cellars Tasting Room at Castle Farms.”

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