Modern Twists on Old Traditions

There are some wedding traditions that are as old as time, which means that there are some couples out there that are looking to put their own spin on old traditions. Though some brides wait years to toss a bouquet of their own, others may be eager to sprinkle their own version of fun on their special day.

Programs are one of the first things your guests see upon arrival. If you’re getting married outside on a particularly hot day, turn that program into a fan for your guests. Or, create a more brochure-looking program, full of fun facts about the newlyweds.

Flowers are one of the biggest expenses when planning a wedding. However, they’re not for every couple. Modern style often calls for a much greener, simplistic style. For that reason, some couples might want to opt for a bit more of a green palette than a floral one. This could include popping succulents on your dessert table or spreading ivy around your centerpieces. Adding a few blossoms is also a great way to tie in the bride’s bouquet or incorporate more color into your palette. The way a bold, emerald green pops against the stoned walls of the castle will add a tasteful, modern twist on your wedding that will stand out from the rest. No matter the time of year, the greenery of springtime or the holly and ivy of winter is sure to make your décor stand out.

Candles are a beautiful way to warm up a space, but that can be done with so much more than a few strategically placed tea lights. Consider stringing lights along your arch or provide a soft glow by placing them behind your draping. Rice lights are great for adding that extra detail on a buffet table. If candles are part of your vision, place a few in lanterns. Lanterns will bring more of your theme into fruition, whether it be elegant or gothic. All of which will complement the chandeliers and light fixtures that hang from the castle walls and ceilings. If you plan to put a retro spin on your décor, consider some neon signs to light up your reception space. These modern lighting fixtures will light up the evening without burning out by the end of the night.

Dessert is a must for any wedding. However, cake may not always be the ideal choice for every couple. A spin on this traditional wedding dessert can be used for something like cupcakes or cake pops. Color palette and theme can still be used on these adorable desserts by any bakery, and still works perfectly for what would traditionally be the “cake cutting” portion of the evening. If you’re looking to stray specifically away from the cake side of things, consider a variety in a dessert bar, candy bar, or ordering personalized cookies for your guests.

Guest books have become far from what they’re traditionally known for, a book. Nowadays, couples often choose something that they can better display in their home, like a custom-made sign that guests can write messages on. Another nontraditional guest book idea to consider is a minimalistic painting that relates to the couple that guests can write on with metallic, permanent markers, or even a photo of the two printed on a canvas.

Since Polaroid-style cameras are all the rage these days, simply taking a photo and captioning it before placing it in a scrapbook is a great way for guests to personalize their well-wishes and truly capture the fun that they’re having. This will be a great piece for you two to look back on, years into the future!

As much as everyone loves Beyonce’s “Single Ladies,” the bouquet toss just isn’t for everyone. It may be more up your ally to play a couple with your new husband or wife, like the classic shoe game, answering questions such as “Who said ‘I love you’ first,” or “Who instigated the first kiss?”


There are countless other ways to make your day unique to you. Some of those include creating a customized Snapchat filter or doing a “first-look.” What is most important is that these modern twists are unique to you as a couple and make your special day as memorable as it can be!

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