Military Wedding Giveaway- Part 1, Planning Process

2017 Castle Farms Military Wedding Giveaway Winners, Taylor & RyanHas it really only been two months since we started planning this?! I recall so vividly the emotional roller coaster ride Ryan, myself and our families were on the week of voting. As the time goes by and we’ve gotten past the bulk decisions, I can’t help but think every day how incredible the Castle is to host an event like the Military Wedding Giveaway. Please give a round of applause to them and to the absolutely incredible vendors that donated their time, services, but most of all their humble attitudes. Words will never fully capture the magnitude of gratitude that I hold in my heart for each individual that we have worked with over the past two months. With less than 70 days to go, we have been very, VERY busy and the final product is starting to come together! Once again, I have nothing but amazing words to share with you all about some of the vendors in particular that have been key lately.

A Matter of Taste‘s owner Ginny has been so helpful and has managed to stay on top of every request I’ve made. I was nervous to select a napkin color without seeing it in person and without hesitation, she mailed me a sample to help me decide. We’ve decided on a final dinner menu, which includes a dual plate of Sirloin Tips and Champagne Chicken. She went above and beyond and has even worked with me to create a children’s menu, because who wants the adult stuff when there are chicken tenders and fries available!

Judy with A Touch of Spring and Other Things, LLC is an absolute gem! In the middle of a tornado watch, literally, she managed to calm every worry I had about the floral arrangements. I have several different ideas, but was worried about functionality of some of the pieces and let me tell you…you won’t have to worry once your done taking to her! She is on her A-game and is prepared for whatever you are throwing at her. I have to say my favorite parts about her are her blunt honesty or her sincerely humble attitude. I felt so relieved after our 40 minute phone meeting that I was walking around with a huge smile, and the weight of 50 bricks off my shoulders. She has been swift at email response and is easily communicated with, which is something I’ve learned to appreciate during this experience.

Lastly, I’ve been working out the details of the cake. While there wasn’t a cake vendor in the Giveaway, Cake Lady Zondra Eller, out of Flint, stepped up to the plate for us! I happened to have grown up with Zondra’s youngest daughter and have been an extended part of her family & a fan of her cakes for years! She has made cakes for nearly 10 of my birthdays, my high school graduation, family birthdays and even my Navy going away party!  She knows exactly what I like (*cough, cough, Banana*) and never fails to make your experience personal. She has a heart of gold and is such a joy to be around.

Taylor's DadInvitations were finalized and sent out a few weeks ago and it is really starting to hit me that this is ACTUALLY happening! I feel like I’m dreaming, but please don’t wake me up! Thank you for everyone who is following our story and to everyone who voted for us. You couldn’t have picked a more grateful couple. One last thing! My dad is doing well this month and received some interestingly good news from his Radiation Oncologist. Please keep him in your thoughts, my family certainly needs it.

Thank you for reading!

All photos: Paxton Photography

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