Military Wedding Giveaway- Part 2, Almost Time

2017 Castle Farms Military Wedding Giveaway Winners, Taylor & RyanFor those of you who have followed our story, we want to keep you up to date on what’s been happening over the past few weeks. As the wedding approaches at hyper-speed (only 19 days!!), the pressure has certainly weighed heavily on Ryan and I. A series of big decisions and adjustments have been thrown at us over the past year and I must say, we’re doing pretty well through it all. After 9 long months of geographic separation, Ry and I are finally back under one roof! Two weeks ago myself and my (life-saving) sister, Stephanie, packed up my apartment in Pensacola, Florida and made the long drive to Jacksonville, North Carolina where Ry and I have settled into a beautiful home and spent some well-needed time together as a family (we have two furry cat-children). In that time, I also flew home to Michigan (a short 72 hour visit) for a dress fitting and to take care of some other important wedding details. I am BEYOND excited for this day to be here. I am still shocked that this is really happening.

Planning wise, I’m dealing with all the little details that were tossed aside while planning the big things. Wade from Shutterbooth was very helpful in his portion and provided me the simplest decision making process I have experienced thus far and it was refreshing! I spoke with Ryan Rousseau, the DJ, earlier in my planning process and it was probably the most pleasant phone conversation I’ve ever had. He really presented as an amazing guy and comforted me through some of my worries. He is offering so much more than I knew existed! Meg Paxton, our photographer, is an absolute go-getting sweetheart. She really knows what she’s doing and helped me put together my timeline of events. It’s a serious plus that she’s shot at the Castle a billion times. The knowledge of the grounds, environment and just the general flow of how things work at the Castle really helped me feel at ease about everything, photo-wise, as she was able to take control and lead me through decisions. I will admit, wedding planning is one of those things where you will either sink or swim. Without all the amazing vendors, I would most definitely sink. It’s nice to have all of these lifejackets around me, when I need them the most.

Anyway, back to planning. We will be meeting with Ken and Judy Grimes, our ministers, on Skype this weekend, it will be great to virtually meet them! Some of my guests have started their last-minute hotel bookings and Tyler from the Weathervane Terrace Inn & Suites has done an amazing job communicating with my mother about room availability and special pricing for us. He’s remained consistent with his information and has our plans locked down! Lastly, I think one of my favorite people that I’m working with is Katie of 97 Films. We haven’t even met yet, but I feel so comfortable with her, like she’s one of my friends! We have texted and emailed a few times and I can’t wait to meet her in person when I drive to Michigan next week. It is an honor to be the first wedding she shoots at the Castle and I can’t imagine what she and her team have in store for us. I don’t know who is more excited, me or her!

Well, that’s all I have time for! Until next time, which will be (cheer and throw confetti now!!!) POST-WEDDING!!!!!!!!! I will make sure to share lots of photographs of our special day. I speak for my entire family, Ry’s too, when I say thank you. Thank you, to everyone who was a part of this dream come true. To everyone who voted for us, followed our story, planned and crafted with me and especially to everyone who helped guide us along the way to this big day- We wouldn’t be here without you.

Taylor's DadA very special shout out to my Father, who needs all of the thoughts and prayers in the universe, during this tough time he is enduring: It takes a special kind of will (and a very hard head) to keep going through what you are enduring. I love you, Dad. Thank you for everything you’ve given me over the past 24 years of my amazing life. I’m extremely proud of you and I’m so proud to be your daughter. Stay strong and walk me down the aisle, please.

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