Having an Unplugged Wedding Ceremony Carlson Photography

Unplugged Ceremony

Not only is it a big day for you and your soon to be spouse but also for your friends and family…

who will want to capture every moment of it.

Now keep in mind that there are appropriate times that friends and family should be allowed to do this, but during the ceremony they should be fully in the moment. Since you have hired a professional to take care of it all, it’s important to let your friends and family know before the ceremony starts to silence all devices and to leave the photography and video to the professionals hired.

Here are some clever ways to express this to your guests:

When it comes to your reception, you want your guests to share the memories with you. What better way to do this than display an Instagram hashtag unique to you as a couple for people to keep the trend going all night long. Another great idea is purchasing a snap chat filter. This way your guests are documenting moments with you, your friends and family that make for lasting memories from your big day.

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