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Wedding Emergency Kit- 10 Things You NEED!

Many brides are going through this big day for the first time and may need help knowing what to bring with, should any emergencies occur out of the blue. We are here to help by giving you an easy and comprehensive checklist of what you should pack to make sure the bride is prepared for whatever comes her way!

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1. Food & Water! (The MOST Important!)

Many people that get married are so busy during the day of, that they forget to eat! On an  important day like this it is crucial to nourish your body!


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2. Stain Remover Stick

All day essentials that fall along these lines also include static spray and a lint roller. This is so important to have post-dinner and post photos. Some photo locations are in a muddy area so if ANYTHING gets on your dress you want to be able to combat the stains with this handy little tool! It is also important to having the bride’s outfit looking at the top of it’s game which can be achieved with the help of these items!

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3. Sewing Kit

This can also include fashion tape, safety pins, and extra buttons that can be used to repair something if it breaks during the day of the wedding. We recommend bringing thread in black, white, and the color of the bridesmaid dresses. It is always better to be safe than sorry! It is also important to prevent things from falling down or off which usually can be easily fixed with double sided tape or safety pins.

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4. Makeup Touch-Up Items

What you bring is ultimately up to you, but mainly we see lipstick, translucent powder, concealer, and mascara for touch ups. If you have decided to wear false lashes, make sure to bring the glue along!


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5. Nail Polish & Remover

Whether the nail polish is clear or in the color of your wedding it is easy to do quick touch ups or take it all off if it does not match!



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6. Hair accessories

This includes ponytails, bobby pins, hairspray, a brush or comb. All of these items can help to keep hair where it is supposed to be whether it is during photos or a long night of dancing with your closest friends and family!


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7. Sandpaper

One of the less self-explanatory items on the list, sandpaper can be used when a bride or groom have brand new shoes for their wedding day and need to scuff up the bottoms. This prevents potential slipping if their ceremony or reception space aren’t carpeted.


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8. Medication

This can include eye drops, pain reliever, allergy medication, Band-Aids and more! If you are prone to allergies it might also be beneficial to bring tissues as spring months can be pretty intense on runny noses and watery eyes.


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9. Toothbrush & Toothpaste

This is also something that everyone already thinks of, but it is one of the most important things to make sure to bring. If you are planning on getting photos taken at any point after dinner it’s important to make sure your teeth are gleaming white! You can also bring along mints or gum and mouthwash to keep your breath fresh while you are visiting with all your guests.

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10. Deodorant & Perfume

It is important for this one to make sure it is not something that will show up on the bridesmaids dresses as no one wants deodorant marks in their photos! It might also be good to look into something that has a long-lasting freshness guarantee as wedding days can be long, hot, and stressful!


If you forget something, many of these items can be found for purchase in the Castle Farms Welcome Center! Hopefully with this list you can be fully prepared for your big day and everything will run as smoothly as possible. Enjoy your big day!

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