5 Unique Wedding Ideas…All in One Castle Wedding!

The wedding season is well underway, and here at Castle Farms we’re seeing more creative wedding and décor ideas than ever before! With the rise in popularity of sites like Etsy and Pinterest, brides are finding new inspiration to make their special day even more personal and unique. Today we’re featuring Melissa and Ryan’s May 4th wedding which took place in our Knight’s Castle. It’s a great example of how this bridal couple combined creative and unique ideas to make their wedding a wonderful celebration!

1.     Seating Assignment Display

Melissa and Ryan chose an alternative display for their seating assignments. Rather than laying out individual cards or creating one poster, they found this old window and used the windows as frames for the seating list! The distressed paint created a rustic country look, which we thought was perfect for the Knight’s Castle (originally built for use as a horse barn!).

2.     Guest Books

Instead of one guest book for wedding guests to sign, Melissa and Ryan decided to use sixteen different guest books, one on each table. With guests writing different messages in each book for different anniversary years, Melissa and Ryan will be able to open the books and read their guests’ comments about love, marriage and the celebration. A very touching romantic idea which will surely make for anniversaries filled with love, laughter and memories throughout the years.

3.     Guest Favors

Melissa and Ryan wanted to do something personal for their wedding favors. When it came time for planning, Melissa used one of her family’s favorite traditions – Jordan almonds! Since this sweet nutty treat is an absolute must at every family gathering or celebration, it was a must that they be part of the wedding celebration. What better way to include them than to give them to every guest!

4.     Thank You’s

During their planning, Melissa and Ryan took time to think about how to thank their guests after the celebration. Ultimately, they had a special Thank You sign made which their photographer used to snap a shot for Melissa and Ryan’s use with their Thank-you cards to guests. What a creative way to give their guests a personal “Thank-You”, along with a reminder of the celebration!

5.     Bride & Groom Signs

To mark their seats at the head table, Melissa and Ryan went for an untraditional type of sign: pillows! They found these Mr. & Mrs. printed burlap sack pillows to add to their seats, continuing the country style and adding another unique touch to their wedding.

Each of these ideas came together to make Melissa and Ryan’s wedding beautiful, personal and memorable. With such a unique wedding, we just had to turn to the bride to see how she came up with everything! Here’s what Melissa herself had to say about her beautiful Castle wedding:

“A simple piece of burlap really started the ideas for our wedding décor. We are pretty laid back and my style leans towards a more rustic like feel, which is why the Knight’s Castle was a great venue for the reception. My mom had an example of a vase surrounded by twigs with a candle in the center from a party she had attended and I fell in love with that idea. Since those were a lot of work to make, we figured we would split the tables and use large mason jars on the other tables to showcase some flowers that had more of a relaxed feel to them. From there, the ideas just kept rolling. I tried to tie in pieces together so that things felt like they had a flow to them. I used similar backgrounds/colors from our wedding invitations for the favors and other stationary items. I fell in love with Pinterest and took bits and pieces from different things to try and come up with clever décor. I try to be more unique then traditional if possible. I found some Kraft card stock and fell in love with the idea we used to create the programs and the table number/guest books that people could write in. I also found a cute fork/spoon stamp that allowed me to personalize a menu card for each table as well. The seating chart was my favorite project. It’s not completely original because I saw it all over on the Internet, but I thought adding the burlap behind the table info was a nice touch and it was so much fun to gather all of the wedding pictures of parents and grandparents to put on display for all to see. To be honest, I was a little nervous to see how all of these separate ideas were going to fit together on the big day, but I couldn’t have been more pleased with how things turned out.

Our wedding day was absolutely perfect—and I truly mean that! Nothing went wrong. If there were any hiccups, Castle Farms did a great job of smoothing it over so I didn’t notice.”

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