A Castle Wedding in the Making: Entry 10 – Music to a Mother of the Bride’s Ears

Wedding week is here! If you’ve been following my blogs, you know that my daughter Kelly and her fiancé James are getting married at Castle Farms on June 30th. Counting down the days till the wedding is just like counting off beats to the music! Today I thought I’d share how Kelly and James made their decision about the musicians who’ll be playing for their wedding and reception.

Have you ever been to a wedding where the instruments weren’t in tune, the songs weren’t great, and no one danced? Well, I have, and I always went home feeling sorry for the bridal couple. No way did I want that happening to Kelly and James. When it came time for them to hire musicians, I recommended one of the businesses on The Castle’s Preferred Service Provider list. I felt comfortable suggesting Kelly and James hire this particular vendor. The business is owned by a wonderful couple. Together this husband and wife make up a dynamic duo. They play The Castle on a regular basis and I’ve had the chance to hear some of their music. I’ve also seen their D.J. interact with the crowd as Master of Ceremony. There are always people on the dance floor when he works a wedding. They’re also extremely accommodating in working with couples to guarantee they get what they want. Here’s an example: They offer a trio of live musicians including violin, guitar, stand-up bass and saxophone. Kelly and James (who live in Seattle) loved the idea of the trio playing for the wedding ceremony, but couldn’t decide which songs to use. Without missing a beat, the owner offered to play a selection on his violin over the phone so Kelly and James could hear the different melodies. Music to their ears! Their list was done in record time.

For the reception, we’ve asked the D.J. to serve as Master of Ceremony. I know he’ll make it so much fun. He has a knack for getting people out on the dance floor. You know how that goes… once people start dancing, great parties follow! Kelly and James like a wide variety of music and this D.J. does it all—rock ‘n’ roll, swingy tunes, and soft romantic melodies. I’m sure he’ll also throw in a polka or two, for my husband Dennis is Polish and many relatives will be attending. No doubt I’ll be twirling in his arms as we dance our way across the dance floor!

So there’s the story of Kelly and James’ wedding music. Once again, we turned to The Castle’s Preferred Service Providers’ list and came up with a winner. And though the wedding and reception are still a few days away, we’re already humming Brown Eyed Girl!

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