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Tips for Planning Your Michigan Winter Wedding

Winter is an often overlooked season…

but it is an excellent time to schedule a wedding! Here at Castle Farms, we adore our winter weddings. Couples enjoy the beautiful and non-traditional winter landscapes, and nothing goes better with any color scheme than winter white! Overall wedding costs also tend to be less expensive in the winter, and it is easier for many guests to attend since schedules are less hectic than in the spring and summer months.

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Often we find brides want to have winter weddings, but feel intimidated because they tend to have a slightly different vibe to them, and there is less info out there on how to make them shine. So, in that light, here are our best tips for making sure your winter wedding is all you dreamed of:

E.C. Campbell Photography
E.C. Campbell Photography

1) Plan ahead: Because of the hustle and bustle of the winter season, it is very good to plan ahead so people can make sure they have your wedding on their calendars. We often find couples have luck when putting their wedding date close to an official holiday when people will already have time off (like several days after Christmas, but before the New Year, or Thanksgiving weekend).

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E.C. Campbell Photography

2) Rethink your décor: Because of the entirely different beauty that winter offers, it is a good idea to rethink the traditional wedding décor. Take advantage of being able to use candles, rich romantic swags and lighting, deep colors, in season flowers such as poinsettias, and thicker more textured fabrics like velvets. We’ve even seen brides use Christmas lights as part of their winter wedding decorating, and it has looked absolutely beautiful.

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3) Enjoy winter food choices: One of our favorite things about winter weddings is the abundance of amazing food choices that can be part of the reception offering. Hot drinks, such as hot chocolate or fresh cider (Michigan’s own is the best). Savory and unique food such as fondues, soups, and fresh, warm bread. Many guests even break away from the traditional wedding cake and offer Christmas cookies and other holiday treats for dessert.

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4) Dress accordingly: This might be the most important tip for enjoying a beautiful and comfortable winter wedding. Make sure bride and bridesmaids have ample and classy coverings, such as wraps, scarves and dress jackets. When possible, avoiding strapless or spaghetti strap dresses is also advised. Make sure you let your guests know the expected weather as well.

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Winter weddings are unique and simply beautiful. Don’t miss out on enjoying this wonderful time of year for your wedding with these simple tips.

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