Royal Inspiration For Your Castle Wedding

The wedding of Prince Harry and Megan Markle was watched around the world and was celebrated as a modern, yet very regal wedding rich in tradition but also full of personal and meaningful touches reflective of the trans-continetal couple. The most recent generation of Royals to wed (Will and Kate, Harry and Megan for example) have created wedding styles of their own and in doing so, have greatly influenced what we perceive as ‘a royal wedding’.

Royal inspiration for your castle wedding
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For today’s modern bride, you can have a royalty inspired wedding without the glass slipper or heir to the throne! The Castle Farms wedding planning experts have put together a slew of insider tips for a castle wedding fit for a queen.


Set the tone of the wedding early:

First and foremost, set the tone of the day early, with beautiful invitations. While email can be efficient, take the time to develop custom paper invitations and send via snail mail. Some of our favorite styles are more traditional wedding invitations, featuring letterpress and heavier weight paper. If your wedding is during the warmer months in one of our garden rooms and courtyards, may we suggest injecting a bit of nature into your stationery with a flourish of greenery such as eucalyptus.


Choose a Regal and Historic Location:

The best inspiration for a royal wedding? Celebrating your big day in a castle! Royal weddings are always held in very specifically chosen, traditional historic properties such as Westminster Abbey or Windsor Hall. The historic venue of Castle Farms is the perfect American location to hold a wedding fit for a princess. By choosing to have your wedding at Castle Farms, you can enjoy the regal feel of a stone-lined castle with the romance of a flower filled courtyard if you choose.

Castle Wedding in Michigan
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Make thoughtful Floral Choices:

While royal weddings are grand and stunning, they are never over the top, especially when it comes to the floral arrangements. Flowers and greenery should add to the atmosphere of your celebration and provide a fresh fragrance, but not be overpowering. The best advice we can give is to find out what is in season first and then choose your flowers based on your desired look. Not only will this keep floral costs reasonable, but will also ensure you have the freshest flowers available. The last royal secret for your flowers; ensure a sprig of Myrtle is placed in your bridal bouquet to symbolize love and hope. This is a hundred year old tradition of the British Royal family, according to their official Twitter account.

Regal wedding arch
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Include Personal touches and Sentimental details

A hallmark of royal weddings is the extreme attention to detail throughout. Loads of thought goes into every aspect of a royal wedding from the guests list, down to the ingredients in the wedding cake (elderflower grown in the Royal garden flavored Harry and Megan’s cake). While you may not have a huge team of royal historians, attendants and planners working on your wedding; you can still incorporate thoughtful and sentimental details into your castle wedding. For example, include a special handkerchief from a deceased family member, create a signature cocktail that reflects your taste as a couple or use a family heirloom to display your wedding cake. Brides may want to include a piece of their mother’s wedding dress into their own dress or bouquet. For your castle wedding, perhaps include a bit of castle history in with your wedding program or offer vouchers for a castle tour. A fun idea, inspired by royal weddings is to create custom bridesmaid bouquets, choosing flowers based on their meaning for each of your bridesmaids.


Be Inclusive of all Guests

Lastly, royal weddings are always inclusive of all guests. Take a bit of time during planning your castle wedding to anticipate any special needs your guests may have. For example, if your celebration includes children, make sure to have a child’s table and activities at the reception for them. Weddings are a time of great joy, but can also be a time to remember and acknowledge loved ones that are no longer with us. We’ve put together a number of suggestions for honoring loved ones on your wedding day such as lighting a candle in their honor.

Corn hole at Michigan Wedding
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Lastly, to make your wedding truly unforgettable, just like a royal wedding, enjoy yourself on your big day and have fun with your friends and family! A wedding that is truly reflective of you as a couple, and filled with love, is what fairytales are made of.

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