Honoring Loved Ones on Your Wedding Day

You are told your wedding will be the happiest day of your life!

You can picture how everything will look: the flowers, the dress, music playing as you walk down the aisle, and most importantly, the people you want to surround yourself with. Unfortunately, sometimes the ones we want to be there the most cannot be there on this big day.

Those people will have a special spot in your heart, whether grandparents, parents, friends, or other loved ones and you can honor them in a special way on your wedding day.

Here is a list on how to just that:


This is a great way to display the photographs at the wedding of your loved ones. They could be displayed in frames, on a clothesline hanging in a special spot, or a slideshow on a laptop or photo frame. These are all beautiful ways to have them present on this day and allow your guests to see the important people in your lives.

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Poem on the program:

This is another way to show family and friends how you feel about the people who meant so much to you. This can be done by having a poem that explains the love you feel for your loved ones or personal words about them with a list of their names underneath.

Adding a personal item in the bouquet:

Add a personal touch to your bouquet with a personal item or small picture of a loved one. You can have a locket, charms, jewelry, a rosary, or cross. This way they can be close to you as you walk down the aisle.

Something borrowed:

Something borrowed, something blue, something old, something new. This is a classic rhyme that some brides follow for good luck on your wedding day. This is another way to incorporate special items of a family member to honor them. This can be done by wearing jewelry from a loved one, pinning a family heirloom to your dress or bouquet, or sewing a piece of a family member’s clothing to the wedding gown.

Dedicating a song to them:

There are plenty of opportunities during the reception to have a special moment to honor a loved one. Most likely there is a song that makes you think of them and laugh, cry, smile, or all the above. Pick a song that has a special meaning to you to be apart of your big day then invite the loved ones that came to celebrate with you to honor them in a dance.

Vase with a rose:

A simple way to honor loved ones is to pick either your favorite flowers, or their favorite flowers and have a vase at the ceremony or reception dedicated to them. To personalize it you can attach the names of those you are honoring and your guests will be able to see the flowers that are for those wonderful people that were a part of your life.

Burning Candle:

Lastly, to honor a loved one you can burn a candle in honor of them. This can also have a picture or sign next to it for display to personalize it. Just another beautiful sentiment that is simple with a lot of meaning.


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