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How To Keep Your Wedding Green

Here are some great, inexpensive ideas for environmentally friendly decor for your special day!


Choose Seeded Paper

Seeded paper is a great way to help the environment, along with making for a fun gift for guests. Seeded paper is made with recycled paper and is embedded with flower seeds. All you have to do is plant the paper as is, and in the proper conditions flowers should pop! Seeded paper could be used for eco-friendly programs, invitations, menus, seating cards, and just about anything else that uses paper. The packages of paper vary in costs due to how many you order, but most are very affordable. When exploring different seeded paper options, you will find different designs, colors, and sizes, making it the perfect paper for any theme!

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Recycled Decor

Reusing items you already own save the environment and your budget! Old mason jars have a great rustic look and could be used as flower vases, candle holders, or decorated however you prefer. Candle holders that you or family have that are gently used could make for an elegant, environmentally friendly display. Old wood could be cut to make chargers, seating card holders, or candle displays. There are plenty of ways to create centerpieces that are unique and special to your wedding!



No need to throw out leftover decor! There are many fun ways to reuse, recycle, or donate those goods. Flowers are a big item that couples tend to throw away for numerous reasons. Sometimes it is because there is either so many that they do not know what to do with them, others are traveling because they are not local, or they simply do not want them. You can research organizations that could pick up your various arrangements and donate them to local hospitals, retirement homes, assisted living centers, homeless shelters, or even schools! This is a great way to not waste and also give back to the community.


Alternative Party Favors

Who doesn’t love a late night snack? Edible party favors are a crowd favorite. This is a great way to reduce waste because whatever your guests don’t take can be used in your own home! There are a number of other great favor ideas that are better for the environment and will help you avoid a large box of leftover koozies or sunglasses.

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