A Real Michigan Castle Wedding – Nautical Theme

Today we’re sharing some nautical wedding inspiration. Meet Amber and Joseph, who were married mid-May in the Queen’s Courtyard, with reception following in the East Garden Room. They carried the nautical wedding theme throughout the ceremony and reception. Enjoy these photos from Amber and Joseph’s wedding, courtesy of Paul Retherford Wedding Photography, as well as some words from the couple themselves!


“We were one of the many modern couples who met through an online dating site. Our first date was spent walking around Michigan State University’s campus and enjoying some delicious MSU Dairy Store ice cream. We enjoyed about a month of getting to know each other before Joe flew out to San Clemente, California for his 10th year of summer lifeguarding. Although we did get to visit each other once, it was a very long summer. It didn’t take either of us long to figure out that we had found our missing pieces in one another. Joe proposed on July 17th, 2013 overlooking the pier in San Clemente.”

Paul Retherford Nautical Wedding at Castle FarmsPaul Retherford Nautical Wedding at Castle FarmsPaul Retherford Nautical Wedding at Castle FarmsPaul Retherford Nautical Wedding at Castle Farms“Joe stumbled across Castle Farms while we were frantically looking for a wedding venue, knowing that we didn’t want to wait more than a year for our big day. The Castle’s breathtaking beauty, combined with an outdoor ceremony location, made it the perfect location for us. We also felt very content knowing that we could rely on the expertise and planning of the staff to ensure our day was flawless. We were not disappointed. After selecting our venue, the next big task was choosing a theme for the wedding. Between Joe’s love of water, all our weekends spent sailing together on his parent’s yacht, plus our many adventures together involving water, a nautical theme seemed to be the perfect choice for our wedding.”

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