Untraditional Ring Bearer Ideas!

A few weeks ago, we wrote about the changing wedding traditions for today’s modern bride; more specifically, ‘First Looks’. Another tradition we’ve seen changing over the years involves that little man that steals the show in wedding ceremonies – the ring bearer! Traditionally, the ring bearer would carry a pillow holding wedding rings for the bride and groom. Over the years, many couples began replacing the real rings with plastic rings to ensure their real rings were safe in case the pillow was dropped or flipped upside down. Now, many ring bearers do not carry rings at all! Instead, they’re busy holding signs, treasure chests, or even the hand of the flower girl!

Photo by Center of Attention PhotographyPhoto by E.C. Campbell Photography
Photo by Jessica Fredericks PhotographyPhoto by Sheila Cross
The choice is up to you. But whether you choose to go the traditional route with a ring bearer pillow or decide on something different that better fits your personalities, your ring bearer will still be sure to leave guests oohing and aahing as he walks up the aisle!
Photo by Paul Retherford Wedding Photography

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