Royal Wedding Trends

Royal Trends for your Royal Wedding

Are you interested in having a royal wedding? Below are some trending ideas that have been influenced by recent royals in the British Monarchy.

Petite Bouquets – Catherine, Princess of Wales

Petite bouquets are making a comeback in 2024. Smaller than a standard bridal bouquet, petite arrangements of flowers allow you the fun of having a bouquet with less weight to carry around as well as bringing more attention to other focal points of your look. Catherine Princess of Wales can be seen with a small bouquet of lilies of the valley, hyacinth, myrtle, ivy, and sweet William.

Petite Bouquets at Castle Farms

Petite Bouquets

Gemstone Jewelry – Eugenie, Princess of York

Gemstone jewelry is an up and coming trend that has no end in sight! While diamonds are a girl’s best friend, there is something so special about the thought that goes into picking a gemstone. The stone itself, the meaning behind it, the cut of the stone. There are so many ways to showcase your personality utilizing a gemstone that is fit for a queen! Below you can see Princess Eugenie’s engagement ring from Jack Brooksbank, a padparadscha sapphire, surrounded by a halo of diamonds.

Gemstone Jewelry at Castle Farms

Gemstone Jewelry

Dramatic Sleeves – Beatrice, Princess of York

Are you looking to bring some drama to your royal wedding look? Consider looking for a dress that has a dramatic sleeve. Sleeves have gone in and out of style for mainstream weddings, but when looking at royals they are here to stay. From Princess Diana to most recently Princess Beatrice sleeves add a layer of uniqueness to your overall look. And if your dress doesn’t come made with sleeves consider having a tailor alter it to have them! Princess Beatrice wore Queen Elizabeth II’s wedding gown but added her own sense of style by adding romantic puff sleeves.

Dramatic Sleeves at Castle Farms

Dramatic Sleeves

Cathedral Veils – Meghan, Duchess of Sussex

Cathedral veils are a statement piece that will always remain in style. Meghan Duchess of Sussex made quite the statement when stepping out of her vehicle to enter her wedding on the steps of St. George’s Chapel. Adding a cathedral veil can be the showstopper that you’re looking for if your dress is on the simpler side.

Cathedral Veils at Castle Farms

Cathedral Veils

Live Musicians – Meghan, Duchess Of Sussex

Live musicians have a way of adding ambiance and romance to your day in a way that speakers and a playlist just are unable to. Some types of groups royal couples opt to have are live singers, brass players, string quartets, and harpists. If you choose to take a note from the Duchess of Sussex, she had a single cellist playing her down the aisle. This allows for more accurate timing with music cues, as well as the ability to adjust if someone in your party walks too fast or too slow.

Wedding Musicians

Royal band

Planning a royal-inspired wedding offers a journey through timeless elegance and contemporary trends. Whether you’re drawn to the charm of petite bouquets reminiscent of Catherine, Princess of Wales, the regal allure of gemstone jewelry as seen with Eugenie, Princess of York, the dramatic flair of sleeves inspired by Beatrice, Princess of York, or the enduring sophistication of cathedral veils and live musicians embraced by Meghan, Duchess of Sussex, these ideas infuse your special day with a touch of royalty. Let your wedding day be a celebration of your unique style and love story, creating moments that echo the grandeur of royal weddings past and present.

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