How to Create the Perfect At-Home Wine Tasting

Valentine’s Day looks a little different this year, so what better excuse than to plan a fun, intimate wine tasting at home?  Getting your loved one set up with a wine tasting kit of their own is the perfect gift for the one you may have married, or plan to marry, at Castle Farms.  If you order a case of 1918 Cellars wine now, you can get 20%!  With just a couple more essentials and some glasses, you’ve got everything you need for an at-home tasting!

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This date night doesn’t have to be just for Valentine’s Day either.  A night like this will be perfect for an anniversary, birthday, or just an excuse to pop the cork and enjoy a glass or two…or a few.

There are a few fun ways you can do your at-home tasting.  Assemble a charcuterie board with all the necessary cheeses, nuts, and other snacks.  Lay it out nicely on your dining room table, create a nice place setting, turn on some music, and light some candles so that it feels like you’re at a five-star restaurant.  If you’re looking for something a bit more comfy and cozy, lay out a blanket and have a picnic in your living room.  Pop on your favorite movie and let the wine flow.  Forget the chocolate, nothing pairs better with wine than a romantic comedy.

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Each of the 1918 Cellars wine selections will be linked!

Sauvignon Blanc

A wine as crisp and earthy as this one stands great on its own, but pairs well with seafood and light, nutty cheeses.


Chardonnay is a classic dry wine, but the 1918 Cellars chardonnay is certainly unique.  Consider pairing this with seafood or chicken with a side of Caesar salad.  If you’re going classic but with a twist, consider a Mediterranean pairing.


If you love a fruity wine, you’ll love rosé.  With that bit of dryness and strong aroma, this wine pairs well with appetizers like bruschetta, charcuterie, or smoked whitefish.

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White Wine Blend

At 1918 Cellars, our Birch Lake White is a white wine that stands out from the crowd.  This crisp, refreshing wine, with bright apple, pineapple, and floral aromas pairs perfectly with chicken, pork, or creamy pasta dishes.


Riesling has always been a classic favorite for those who love sweet wines.  This wine specifically pairs well with desserts such as cheesecake or fresh strawberries.  Since the 1918 Cellars riesling is an ice wine, it also pairs well with white chocolate.

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Pinot Noir

If you love a red wine, but tend to lean a bit sweeter, a pinot noir is probably your go-to.  Try this one with pork, chicken, any mushroom dish, or of course, milk and white chocolate.

Red Blend

1918 Cellars serves a couple unique red blends.  The first being the Stonemason, a blend of merlot and syrah.  This strong wine pairs with just about any entrée: beef, lamb, chicken, game, risotto, or dark chocolate.  On the other hand, our Serenity Red is much more soft and medium-bodied, pairing well with pasta dishes, barbecue, or pizza.

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Pinot Grigio

Another earthy white wine, pinot grigio, is one that pairs beautifully with seafood.


It’s a holiday, pop the bubbly!  If the two of you are opting for something a bit more celebratory, a sparkling wine or brüt rosé may be for you.  Our two sparkling wines, Visionary and Reflection, pair beautifully with seafood, light salads, brie, and other cheeses.

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Whatever the occasion, get yourself a couple pieces of chocolate, cook up some nice samplings, and get started!  Feel free to experiment with your own pairings, and just enjoy the quality time spent with your partner.  Cheers!

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