Photo Opportunities at Our Castle Wedding Venue

There’s so much that makes Castle Farms unique.  The hundred-year-old history, the stunning architecture, the friendly faces you’ll meet during your visit.  When it comes to weddings, the photo opportunities are endless.  If you scroll through our Instagram or browse through our Pinterest boards, you’ll see that we have the perfect backdrop for just about every vision.  Take a look at some of our most iconic photo locations, and perfectly plan what photos you want from your big day.  If any of these locations stand out to you, or are a must-have to decorate the walls of your home, touch base with your photographer and they’ll take care of the details!

The Queen’s Courtyard and the Knight’s Courtyard are available for photos, as long as there is not another wedding taking place.  On your initial tour, you may have found that the architecture of the Knight’s Courtyard perfectly suits your ceremony vision but love the look of the Queen’s Courtyard fountain for some photos.

All Castle weddings come with a dressing room that is available two hours before the ceremony.  These dressing rooms are the perfect spot for the wedding party to get dressed, pop some sparkling wine from 1918 Cellars, and take some “getting ready” photos before the big day.

First Look Tips: Butterfly Garden and King’s Courtyard

If those First Look Photos are something you’re going to want to have for yourself, Castle Farms has several gorgeous First Look locations.  One benefit of doing a First Look, aside from the tear-jerking photos you’re sure to capture, is potentially having a shorter cocktail hour and starting your reception sooner.  When doing a First Look, you’re given the opportunity to take some couple shots you would normally have to wait until after the ceremony to get.  If you plan on taking family photos or different combinations of friends, family, or wedding party, you may want all the time you can get before the wedding celebrations begin.

The Butterfly Garden is the perfect First Look location for those couples who really crave that garden aesthetic.  The bold hedge archways and intricate designs make the Butterfly Garden a secluded sanctuary that’s perfect for sharing that sweet moment between the couple.

Enclosed by the two garden rooms, the King’s Courtyard is a First Look location that will make the two of you feel like the only two people on earth.  (Besides your photographer, of course.)  The walkway that leads to the Castle provides that show-stopping backdrop that is sure to make your First Look one of a kind.

The fountain in the King’s Grand Courtyard is a much-loved photo location which can provide a stunning backdrop to your First Look, but another unique location is the tree-lined path surrounding the fountain, offering more privacy and romance.

St. George

Upon arriving to the Castle, you’ll be greeted by St. George the Knight.  Standing 16 feet tall, he certainly encompasses that fairy tale feel.  He looks great alongside couples and wedding parties who enjoy a few goofy photos, or even some stoic, serious ones.

Reflection Pond

If you’re looking for that iconic, full-Castle shot with a stunning water feature in the foreground, the Reflection Pond is going to give you everything and more.  When photographers stand at the back of the pond, with the couple on the small landing in front of the Castle’s internal drive, that’s how you’re going to get that perfect shot that every Castle Couple wants.  It certainly is a show-stopping location that really showcases your wedding venue’s unique architecture.

King’s Grand Courtyard

The King’s Grand Courtyard is nothing short of just that: grand.  From the four maiden statues, stunning fountain, giant chess set, tree-lined walkway, metal gazebo on the outskirt of the Courtyard… this space has numerous photo opportunities in just one large space.  The overlook at the very edge of the courtyard showcases all the King’s Courtyard’s beauty with the Castle stone walls as a stately backdrop.  It’s the perfect shot that will remind you of your perfect day at the Castle.

Round Office

If the rich history of the Castle is something that makes the Castle more special to you, you’ll love exploring the Round Office.  This small, rounded stone building was the original office to the Castle’s first owner, Albert Loeb.  To this day, it holds the hundred-year-old records from when the Castle was a model dairy farm.  Now, it provides a sweet little space for couples to take photos and sign their marriage license.

Queen’s Waiting Area

One of the many hidden gems found inside the Castle is the Queen’s Waiting Area.  This small, regal space truly embodies that Castle feel.  The stone walls that encircle the iron chandelier and original wood ceilings provide a great spot for some intimate photos.  With a chess collection and vintage furniture, the Queen’s Waiting Area truly transports you back in time.

Birch Lake

Sure, the Castle is wonderful, with its intricately designed gardens and grand water features.  However, one spot that takes that to the next level is Birch Lake.  Hidden away by the Castle Farms Orchard lies a secluded lake graced by birch trees, standing tall and beautiful all year long.  If you’re drawn to the enchanting quality of a hidden oasis, you’ll want to set aside time in your day to take photos at Birch Lake.

Serenity Garden

Just off to the side of the Reflection Pond and facing the Queen’s Courtyard is the Serenity Garden.  Even though its near the hustle and bustle of the Castle, it truly lives up to its name.  It’s a tranquil little spot that sits over a babbling creek and is sheltered by a strong, beautiful tree.

Norm the Dragon

There are several iconic photo opportunities at the Castle, but one that catches the eye of everyone who visits is Norm the Dragon.  Norm was created to be showcased at Art Prize in 2012.  Since then, he’s found his home at the Castle, and provides a fun memory for some unique medieval photos you won’t be able to recreate elsewhere.

West Courtyard

If there aren’t any weddings in the West Garden Room the day of your wedding, be sure to explore the West Courtyard.  This space may be small, but it sure is packed with beauty.  On one side stands a gold fountain, with hydrangeas around the perimeter.  On the other is a showstopping white gazebo, which has proven to serve as a great backdrop for photos of all kinds.  While you’re in the West Courtyard, don’t forget the trellis walkway!  The ivy that wraps around it creates an enchanting tunnel-like feel, ending in even more of the Castle’s unique beauty to explore on either side.

Enchanted Forest

If you’re looking for a whimsical woodland backdrop for some outdoor photos, consider getting lost in the Enchanted Forest.  Along the way, you’ll find mystical paths, gnomes, and maybe even some fairy tale creatures.  Be sure to have your photographer’s camera at the ready, you’ll never know what kind of magic you’ll find!

Knight’s Chapel

Overlooking the Knight’s Castle and Courtyard, the Knight’s Chapel offers both a true Castle-like structure, as well as a nice view of the train garden.  If there is not a wedding taking place in the Knight’s Courtyard, the Knight’s Chapel overlook, specifically, is a great spot to get a nice shot of a blue sky or be creative and hide the wedding party up there.  The octagonal shape, with gardens on either side, truly showcase the unique hundred-year-old history the Castle takes pride in.

Whether you’re going for regal or rustic the Castle has a backdrop for you.  Take advantage of the free self-guided tours Castle Couples get, and spend an afternoon wandering the grounds to decide which spots will line the walls of your home, showcasing your first day as a married couple.

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